Earthquakes! Are They Happening More Often And Getting Bigger?

Are More And More Earthquakes Happening?

Are more earthquakes happening and are they getting bigger?


There seem to be more and more earthquakes around the world and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger, but is it just that more are now getting reported?


Scientists Say There Was No Increase In The Really Big Earthquakes

Earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant.

According to long-term records (since about 1900), we can expect about 17 major earthquakes (7.0 – 7.9) and one great earthquake (8.0 or above) in any given year.

Why Does It Seem Like There Are More Earthquakes?

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Democracy? Must The West Choose Between Democracy And Islam?

Must The West Now Choose Between Democracy And Islam?

We hear so much about Democracies all the time, but are they really what they’re cracked up to be?

China which is not a democracy has now replaced Japan as the number two economic power in the world and is set to become number one within about two years.

Whilst the US is facing possible bankruptcy before 2020!

According to Professor Alexander Fraser Tyler, a Scottish historian who in 1787, wrote about the decline and fall of the Athenian Republic over two thousand years before.

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Why Do So Many Women Vote For Men And Not Women?

Why Do So Many Women Vote For Men?

Why Do So Many Women Vote For Men? ?

Why Do So Many Women Vote For Men??

Women strongly criticized Hillary Clinton for craving power in a non-feminine and “emotionless” way, and although they liked her when she showed emotion, they didn’t like her when she discussed policy.

Women judged her harshly for standing by her man, suggesting that she did so just to further her own political ambitions.

And The Outcome?

Hilary¬†Clinton barely won 50% of the women’s vote in the Democratic primary fight against Barack Obama.

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Sugar? Does Sugar Really Cause Hyperactivity In Children?

Does Sugar Really Cause Hyper-Activity?

Does sugar cause kids to be hyperactive?

Well all the latest research indicates that sugar does not cause hyperactivity.

And no research has shown that it does.

But many parents swear that sugar makes their kids hyperactive, so what’s the scoop?

How Did the Sugar-Hyperactivity Theory Come About?

The notion that food can have an effect on behavior first grew popular in 1973 when allergist Benjamin Feingold, M.D., published the Feingold Diet.

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How Much Can We Trust The Media To Tell The Truth?

How Much Can We Trust The Media?

Media bias! Why or how can we get the truth?


Reporters, newspaper editors and TV producers amongst others influence what is broadcast on TV and what is printed in newspapers.

With so much now going on in the world, I’ve been pondering how much of what we see and read is influenced by their personal opinions and beliefs, and also by advertising revenues etc.

Public Mistrust Is Growing

Over the last three years public mistrust of the media has skyrocketed and rightly so!

Around 80% now say the media can no longer be trusted!

We can now read several different newspapers and watch several news shows and come to no real conclusion because they all present supposed facts in a totally different and biased way.

The Problem With The Media

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