Seven Year Itch? – Does It Really Exist?

The Seven Year Itch – Does It Really Exist?

The Seven Year Itch - Does It Really Exist?


Only twenty five percent of the primate species are monogamous, and less than five percent of mammals form a monogamous bond to raise their offspring.

Ninety percent of bird species team up to raise their young, but most only do so while the young are vulnerable.

Once they are grown, the pair separates.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of Anatomy of Love: The Natural History of Monogamy, Adultery and Divorce, told Scientific American that for several years she has been investigating whether the "seven-year itch”, or the tendency to get divorced after seven years of marriage really exists, and if it does, is there is a biological basis for it.

It’s Not Necessarily A Seven Yeart Itch

"I began by studying worldwide data on marriage and divorce and noticed that although the median duration of marriage was seven years, of the couples who divorced, most did so around their fourth year".

"I also found that divorce occurred most frequently among couples at the height of their reproductive and parenting years—for men, ages 25 to 29, and for women, ages 20 to 24 and 25 to 29—and among those with one dependent child".

"In hunter-gatherer societies, women tended to have children around four years apart. Equally, it was around four years old that the children moved on to be raised by broader community groups rather than their parents, who were then free to find new partners if they chose to. The four-year divorce peak among modern humans may be an evolutionary hangover from this time".

Helen Fisher said.

Two Different Movies

Groups who oppose divorce celebrated the documentary movie March of the Penguins, because it showed monogamous pairs of penguins lovingly raising their young, and they thought that nature was giving us a sign that we had let things slide, and were forgetting our natural obligations.

However, if they viewed the movie called March of the Mallards, they would have seen ducks mating in what amounts to an orgy, involving males who rather than being faithful had a good chance of going on to perform necrophilia.

Seven Year Itch Or Four Year Itch?

Humans are not overly consistent in any of their actions throughout a lifetime, and according to the business site Fast Company.

"The median number of years a US worker has been in his or her current job is just 4.4".

Do You Have A Secret?

If you’ve been married for four or seven plus years and still enjoy or even yearn for sex with your husband or wife, and still can’t wait for them to walk through the door, then please share the secret and maybe help others.

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