Male Pattern-Baldness – Is There A Cure?

Hair Loss And Male Pattern-Baldness

Is There A Cure For Male-Pattern Baldness?


Your hair is getting thinner and you’d love to find a product, or a home remedy that really stopped, or would even slow down hair loss.

But your gut reaction tells you that there is probably really nothing out there that actually works.

But is that true?

There’s Good News And Bad News

Right now there is no cure for male-pattern baldness, but there are some very promising treatments set to be released in the near future.

So What Are These Promising Hair Loss Treatments?

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Coincidences? Are There Really Such Things?

Coincidences Are Just God’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous

I have to say right up front that I don't believe in coincidences


I have to say right up front that I don’t believe in coincidences.

Well not when the word is deemed to mean, “a chance occurrence” anyway.

I have had so many so called “chance occurrences” occur in my life and they continue to happen on an almost daily basis so there is no way that I could call them coincidences.

A simple one, just to give an example.

I used the same coffee mug for 4 years until one morning I broke it and I decided that I’d buy a new one later that morning.

Before going to buy it I decided to stop at a small store similar to a 711 and pick up a few things.

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Newspapers And Magazines – Can They Survive The Internet?

Newspapers and even high quality magazines are struggling to encourage investment and to survive long-term.

Can Newspapers and Magazines Survive The Internet? Is the end nigh?

Revenue is falling across the three main streams available to newspapers, so can Newspapers and Magazines survive the Internet?

1) sales

2) advertising

3) subscriptions

Sales and subscriptions of newspapers and magazines are dropping as consumers move to the internet for information; often using the newspaper’s own website.

Advertising is no longer as profitable either, because advertisers are increasingly looking to pop-ups on websites and buying space on search engines.

Newspapers And Magazines Are Very Different

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Academics? Are They Simply Out Of Touch With Reality?

Are Professors And Other Academics Simply Out Of Touch With Reality!

Are academics really smarter


Of course not all academics are out of touch with reality, but as I read, see and hear their statements, I can only come to the conclusion that the vast majority of them are completely out of touch with everyday reality.


Academics Are Well Educated But Are They Intelligent?

It’s far from easy to become a professor or even get an M.A. so one can probably safely assume that academics have the ability to study and learn.

But most seem unable to translate their high learning into an understanding of what is going on in the world around them.

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Pigeons? Have You Ever Seen A Baby Pigeon?

Have You Ever Seen A Baby Pigeon?

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?

Most people, and especially those in big cities consider pigeons to be a pest.

But whether you live in a city or a village, the chances are that you’ve never seen a baby pigeon.

So why is that?

Are Pigeons Just Born Big?

If you’ve never seen a young one, then are they just born big?

Answer – No They Are Born Small

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