How Many Diet Plans And Fad Plans Have You Tried?

Do Diet Plans Really Work?

Diet Plans? And Fad Diet Plans! How Many Really Work?



Of course eating fewer calories will result in weight loss.

But our relationship with food is much more complex than that.

And most people simply don’t know how to deal with hunger, cravings, and many other issues.

So What To Do?

First of all, only make very small changes!

Cornell University scientist Brian Wansink recommends that you first pick only three minor changes that you believe will be simple and also help you lose weight.

And after you can stick with them, then slowly add others!

Fad Diets And Diet Plans?

Forget the trendy diets!

They all work at first, because they all restrict calories which is a no brainer.

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Trans Fat? Should You Eat Margarine Or Butter?

So What’s The Skinny On Fats And Trans Fat?

Which fats are good and which are bad?

And get the full scoop on different fats!

I’ve read so much about "fats" over the years, but the medical advice only seems to be more and more confusing!

We were all told to eat margarine and not butter, and I followed that dumb advice for around twenty years.

Then we were told it that it was all a mistake and that we should now keep eating butter!

The very latest news however is that the latest margarines are more healthy than butter because they contain almost no trans fats.

Whereas butter is made from animal fat, so it contains cholesterol and high levels of saturated fat!

Why Do Companies Use Trans Fat?

Trans fats are easy to implement, inexpensive to produce and last a long time.

And they are thought to give a desirable taste and texture.

And many restaurants and fast-food outlets use trans fats to deep-fry their foods because oils that contain trans fats can be used for a much longer time in commercial fryers.

How Much Trans Fat Is It OK To Eat?

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