Sunscreens Are Expensive But Are They Safe?

Sunscreens Cost A Lot But Most Aren’t Safe!

Why are sunscreens so expensive?

For a family of four, an 8 fl oz / 200 ml bottle of sunscreen, which will likely need to be reapplied every couple of hours, will probably last for just one day and a bottle will cost anywhere from $10 to $20.

So sunscreens for a seven day vacation might cost somewhere between $70 and $140 !!!

Why Do Sunscreens Cost So Much?

According to Kate Clark, who’s a spokesperson for Ambre Solaire, it’s all down to expensive research,

“We spend millions of dollars on research and development every year, upgrading technology and looking for new types of filters, textures and formulations".

"We want to give the consumer a product that is completely safe but also something that they enjoy using”.

However, Ian White, who’s a consultant dermatologist at St John’s Institute of Dermatology in London, says there is no justification for such expense.

“The cost of these products is exorbitant".

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Life After Death – Did You Ever Wake Up With A Big Jolt?

Life After Death And The Soul

What causes the body to jerk before waking up or just after falling asleep? Is there life after death

"Just when I was starting to wake up this morning, and was still in a kind of dream world, and before I opened my eyes, my body suddenly received a big jolt and it felt like the house had been hit by a truck".

"It was very frightening but it didn’t harm me in any major way physically, although I did have a small bruise on my chest".

What Happened And What Was The Cause?

It would seem that if there is life after death that we must have a soul, a soul by any other name, and many religions and mystics would say that she was awakened by her soul that was suddenly forced to return to her body quickly.

But Does The Soul Leave The Body When We Sleep?

I will give one example and if you know similar things from different faiths then please post a comment. And you don’t need to login to do so.

In Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzatto’s classic work "The Way of God", he explains,

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Atheists? Can Atheists Be Guilty Of Sin?

Can Atheists Be Guilty Be Guilty Of Sin

Can Atheiests Be Guilty Be Guilty Of Sin


I just looked up "sin" in the dictionary and it says ..

1. A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate.

2. Theology

a. Deliberate disobedience to the known will of God.

b. A condition of estrangement from God resulting from such disobedience.

3. Something regarded as being shameful, deplorable, or utterly wrong.

1. To violate a religious or moral law.

2. To commit an offense or violation.

So, Can Atheists Be Guilty Of Sin?

Probably every declared atheist would claim that because he does not believe in God that he is totally free of 1 and 2 above.

And he or she would most likely argue that 3 is a social issue and therefore not relevant to his belief or disbelief in God.

But How Does God View Atheists?

If God exists then IT (or he or she) would almost certainly find atheists guilty of all three of the above.

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Antisemitism – Why Did And Does Antisemitism Exist?

What Is The Reason For Antisemtism?

why does antisemitism exist?

If we look at Jewish history we see antisemitism rearing it’s ugly head again and again.

Millions of Jews have been slaughtered and/or expelled from country after country.

And it’s clear that the vast majority of the victims did nothing to justify such horrific mistreatment and death.

And we see that there only crime was to be Jewish!

Right now we see a renewed surge in antisemitism which cannot be accounted for by either Israel or any obvious bad deeds done by Jews.

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Jealousy! Is It A Sign Of Love Or A Sign Of Lack Of It?

Is Jealousy A Positive Or Negative Trait?

Is jealousy a sign of love or a sign of lack of it?

It seems to me that if you love somebody that you’d want the best for them, even if it means that it isn’t what you personally want.

If you feel jealous doesn’t that mean that you care more about yourself than about the person that you supposedly love?


Envy And Jealousy – The Difference

Before going deeper into the jealousy emotion let’s take a look at the differences between jealousy and envy.

Envy occurs when we lack a desired attribute enjoyed by another.

Jealousy occurs when something we already possess, and it’s usually a special relationship, is threatened by a third person

Envy is a two-person situation whereas jealousy is a three-person situation.

Envy is a reaction to the lack of something.

Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something, or someone.

Signs That You’re Jealous

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