Academics? Are They Simply Out Of Touch With Reality?

Are Professors And Other Academics Simply Out Of Touch With Reality!

Are academics really smarter


Of course not all academics are out of touch with reality, but as I read, see and hear their statements, I can only come to the conclusion that the vast majority of them are completely out of touch with everyday reality.


They Are Well Educated But Are They Intelligent?

It’s far from easy to become a professor or even get an M.A. so one can probably safely assume that academics have the ability to study and learn.

But most seem unable to translate their high learning into an understanding of what is going on in the world around them.

How Did Academics Rate Obama?

U.S. News and World Report released a rating of American Presidents by academics.

In July 2, 2010 academics ranked President Barack Obama, the man who had overseen economic decline and ineptitude at handling the Gulf Oil spill, as the 15th greatest President in history.

That ranking puts President Obama above liberal icon Lyndon B. Johnson, who created Medicare and conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

George W. Bush was way down the list, and was considered one of the worst Presidents.

Bush was ranked well below Richard Nixon, who resigned the office in disgrace.

So What Is The Cause Of Academic Myopia?

New academics are surrounded by senior liberal professors and succumb to peer pressure in order to avoid being ostracized.

They mostly live in a world of political correctness.

They are more concerned about appearing open minded than they are about facing up to reality.

Political correctness is their God!

Please feel welcome to add more reasons, or to correct me in the comment’s section, and you don’t need to log in to post them.

Ranking President Obama after a year and a half of failure, as the 15th most effective President is a sign of how afraid liberal academics actually are of being truthful.

Academics simply cannot rank Obama at the rate at which he really performs because if they did, they would become outcasts in their academic circles and might even lose their jobs.

A liberal President cannot be deemed a failure in today’s academic world.

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13 Responses to Academics? Are They Simply Out Of Touch With Reality?

  1. brightone69 says:

    They’re not “stupid”.

    They’re intelligent, and they have the ability to study and to past tests.

    But they’re not smart, or street smart.

    And they couldn’t survive on the street – meaning outside of academia and pensions etc.

    • the milk man says:

      Street smarts is overrated.

      You know the clothes, the smart phones, the government check that most ‘street’ people use?

      They were invented by geniuses, most of whom, more than likely, had an education and a diploma.

      All of your lower class and unskilled laborers are using devices and inventions made by engineers, think-tanks etc. Something as simple as a baseball or a plastic bag required understanding of advanced mathematics and chemistry.

      There are many that have also hit rock bottom, drug addicted, but better themselves through going to skill and being committed. I know this because I have met professors that have told me their life story and that school gave them not only a career but a chance at life.

      I have a distant family member, as well as grandmother, that grew up in a racist Jim-Crow era as well as lived on welfare but higher education made them successful and independent.

      I have even rid a story of a Nazi concentration camp refugee travel to America and became successful after graduating college.

      You have to remember that these same people were at one point in poverty but through their own volition became successful.

      Also you got to think that there is certain subject matter that you can’t learn unless you are in school. Try to learn welding, computer science, or architectural design on your own without mentoring or materials. Yeah, not going to happen.

      Many have gotten their diplomas/certifications and got to live a normal life as well as get away from broken homes, dangerous neighborhoods, and poverty in general.

      Personally, I think it’s dumb to frown on higher learning. I have been told by others that I am a geek yet these very same people are wearing clothes, using technology, driving vehicles etc that were MADE by geeks.

      So yeah, whatever. You have your chicken littles then you have your certifiable geniuses that are worth their money.

      • the milk man says:

        Sorry for the typos.

        • the milk man says:

          One last thing: anti-intellectualism is DANGEROUS. Incompetence is BAD.

          People should not be hypocritical on the arts and sciences just because they don’t understand.

          Why would one talk down on the sciences when they are using inventions made by science?

          Your average joes knows how to use a smart phone but they could never figure out how to actually make one or program one.

          If you were even to try to teach these ‘rocks’ computer science or engineering they would be overwhelmed and go right back to living the easy life.

          Have you ever heard of the type that said they don’t want to work? Well they’re the perpetual losers because they can’t handle adversity or to be able to understand complex ideas.

          When the going gets tough they quit and are back to relying on other people.

  2. RegSpragg says:

    Academics live in a world of political correctness, and they care more about appearing to be open minded than they do about what the results of their thinking would be if they were ever to be enacted.

    The Nobel Prize

    According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo, President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.

    There were 205 nominated candidates for the position. The selection was handled by a bipartisan committee with 1 representative each from the far left, the far right, and the “Conservative” parties, and 2 from the dominant “Labor Party.”

    The final winner was announced on October 9 2009, just 4 days after the 5 representatives had finally reached uniform consensus, and only eight and a half months after Obama’s inauguration as president of the United States.

    A Great President?

    In a recent U.S. News and World Report, academics ranked President Barack Obama, to be
    the 15th greatest President in history.

    That ranking puts President Obama above liberal icon Lyndon B. Johnson, who created Medicare and conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

    Barack Obama is judged by them to be effective, when in fact, he has been a total disaster and if you don’t believe me then look at what is happening in the November elections!

    A liberal President (he was an active communist just thirteen years ago) cannot be deemed a failure in the academic world and any professor who might be brave or perhaps stupid enough to tell the truth about him would be ostracized and might even lose his or her job.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, Obama is now frowned upon by almost government in the world with the exception of ones that have gained greatly from his naivety, such as Russia, Iran and China.

    The fact that the US is looking and bankruptcy in 2020 and no longer has any allies goes unnoticed by academics.

    They ponder how nice utopia would be and not how difficult the real world is, and the worst thing is that they indoctrinate our young with their drivel.

  3. knopfman says:

    It’s believed that as many as 90% of professors lean heavily to the left and the reasons given for this range from outright bias to higher I.Q. scores.

    Is it possible that the phenomenon is not understood because the wrong question has been asked over and over again?

    Maybe instead of asking why most professors are liberal, we should be asking why so many liberals and so few conservatives want to be professors in the first place.

    • the milk man says:

      Because conservatives are known to be too traditional. They are not progressive.

      Conservatives are often anti-intellectual, having extreme religious views, against the sciences, are not current with world events etc.

      They’re historically known as racists, misogynists, and bigots.

      When environmental groups have proven that fossil fuels are depleting the ozone and causing other environmental hazards they say it’s just propaganda because they know that much of the oil industry is sold out to special interest groups and monopolies. They reject safe, clean sustainable energy development and resources.

      They are often against globalization, other ethnic groups, and cultures. Conservatives are known for ethnocentrism, hard core nationalis, extreme Christian-Juedeo beliefs, and isolationist views.

      They are known for not being accepting to other minorities, different religious backgrounds, various walks of life because they see their own as central. They’re unwilling to think outside of their paradigm.

      Even though America’s merchandise is mostly from overseas (i.e. China, Taiwan, El Salvador, Japan, etc) they still don’t understand that we’re already in a global environment and thus nationalism is actually dated. These Judeo-Christian values mixed with American imperialism is actually archaic.

      Conservatives are known to be stubborn whereas progressives are open-minded to new experiences/ideas. They understand evolution on a social and technological level, which again, most conservatives don’t even believe in evolution.

      They understand that a new strain of virus can be created due to our ever changing eco-system whereas your conservative is simply too old-fashioned to grasp such things.

      Remember, many of your conservatives don’t believe in evolution so they would not understand things like microbiology or chemistry.

      Conservatives are known for pro-war sentiment. Liberals believe in co-existing and tolerance with various faiths and backgrounds.

      Liberals understand the relativity to everyone’s background and may find some truth in each person’s culture/belief system but your conservatives flat out reject others and even demonize them (i.e. “that’s the devil’s talk” ).

      Conservatives are known for slogans like “Guns, God, and Country” or cliches “for ‘Murica” which are dangerous.

      Many are sexist and misogynist whereas the liberal (which once again) is educated, better behaved and even adopting metrosexual/androgynous looks (which the male-dominant ego has long needed to embrace: their feminine side.)

      Believe me, women aren’t gravitated to the sweaty, smelly, fat beer-drinking redneck. They like the Euro-trance, clean-cut-shaped type.

      To sum things up, we’re in a global, digitized world full of computer science, advancing technology, rapidly changing infastructure, breakthroughs in science, different walks of life that many of your conservatives are not willing to adapt too or understand.

      The thing that people don’t understand is that your progressive views eventually become traditional as time moves on. So even your liberals of today will be seen as conservatives in the future and so forth.


  4. donald-drake says:

    Most professors are extreme left wing to Marxist because they don’t think their salary is commensurate with their high level of learning.

    They think they should get more and therefore support social changes that promise to bring it about.

    People that have a lot aren’t going to be liberals because they don’t want what they have taken from them and doled out to others.

  5. Brian McCarty says:

    A U.S. News and World Report, along with other media venues, released a rating of American Presidents by academics.

    The academics ranked President Barack Obama, the man who has oversaw economic decline and seemed inept at handling the Gulf Oil spill, as the 15th greatest President in history.

    The ranking puts President Obama above liberal icon Lyndon B. Johnson, who created Medicare and conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

    Former President George W. Bush is way down the list, considered one of the worst Presidents.

    Bush is ranked well below Richard Nixon, who resigned the office in disgrace.

    How does one make sense of this?

    Well it is simple.

    Academia is very liberal.

    People in academia live by different standards to the rest of us.

    They live in a world of political correctness and they do not care about results as much as they care about appearing to be open minded about those who espouse liberal causes.

  6. jpizz says:

    Definitely out of touch. I remember getting assignments all the time by them last minute, or over the weekends. They don’t understand not everybody can just make their schedules on a whim. They don’t understand that pretty much every other job has no such thing as tenure. They don’t understand basic business promptness and courtesy in terms of scheduling. Two different worlds really. I don’t think they are any smarter AT ALL. Having a PhD just means they went that route and studied a certain subject, doesn’t mean they know anything about life. I had mid 30 to 40 year old professors who had the social skills of somebody straight out of high school because that is the only thing they surround themselves with.

    • Elly Thinker says:

      I 100% agree with you!

      When I studied at Uni I constantly thought, “Wow I’m glad these guys are only teaching me about “media”, and not life.

      Maybe they should have to get a degree in life before they’re allowed to teach higher-education?

      • the milk man says:

        Their job isn’t to be a social butterfly. They are there to teach a curriculum.

        They’re not trying to make friends. They see new studnets on a regular basis. It’s hard for them to get attached to anyone.

        Besides, most environments show that not everyone is compatible. You’re not going to get a whole bunch of people collectively liking each other.

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