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Combat? Should Women Serve In Combat Units?

One Woman’s View Of Women Serving In Combat Units Should Women Serve In Active Combat? “I’m neither women’s lib nor a woman that thinks that women should stay at home and be limited to cooking and cleaning”. “And satisfying … Continue reading

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Democracy? Must Europe Now Choose Between Democracy And Islam?

Must The West Now Choose Between Democracy And Islam?

Must Europe Now Choose Between Democracy And Islam? We hear so much about Democracy all the time, but is it really what it’s cracked up to be? China which is not a democracy is now the number one economic … Continue reading

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Should Governments Negotiate With Terrorists?

  I understand why the families and friends of kidnap victims want their governments to negotiate with terrorists, but I can’t help feeling that even if the negotiations are successful and a hostage is released, that it only invites … Continue reading

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What motivates a spy? Patriotism, money, sex, adrenalin?

The recent exchange of spies between America and Russia made me ask myself the the question, “Why would anybody want to be a spy?”. The job means living in fear all the time and I doubt that anybody takes … Continue reading

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