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What’s The Origen Of The Term OK ? It’s Opposite of K.O. ?

Almost every language has an O vowel, a K consonant, and an A vowel. So OK is a very distinctive combination of very familiar elements. And that’s one reason it’s so successful. It stands apart. Okay is more than … Continue reading

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Names – How Important Is Your Name?

Do People’s Names Really Matter? Do you have many friends and acquaintances whose names seem to fit them exactly? And do you know others that wish they’d be given a different name? Do some people’s names have a special … Continue reading

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The Power Of Words – Are They Mightier Than The Sword?

The Power Of Words In what way is the pen mightier than the sword? Words, just like a sword or any weapon can be used for good or evil. But words can reach and change far more people than … Continue reading

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