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Racial Profiling? And Why America Needs It

What's So Wrong With Racial Profiling?

The very thought of making racial profiling legal in the US makes liberals go ballistic. But why? Racial profiling would most likely have prevented 9/11, and almost certainly have prevented the Fort Hood attack, and the list goes on … Continue reading

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Are Around 44% Of Americans Slackers Living Off Others?

How Entitlements Are Sucking America Dry What Romney recently said, and it is something that is being very distorted by the liberal media, is that 44% of Americans are being supported by the rest and that the rich are … Continue reading

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Obama And The Bradley Effect

The Bradley effect, less commonly called the Wilder effect, is a theory that purports to explain observed discrepancies between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in some United States government elections where a white candidate and a non-white candidate … Continue reading

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