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United Nations – Does America Or The West Need The UN?

What Does The United Nations Cost America? The U.S. pays 30% of the United Nations annual budget which at last reckoning was eight billion dollars a year! So the UN costs the US over 2.6 billion dollars a year! … Continue reading

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Racial Profiling? And Why America Needs It

What's So Wrong With Racial Profiling?

The very thought of making racial profiling legal in the US makes liberals go ballistic. But why? Racial profiling would most likely have prevented 9/11, and almost certainly have prevented the Fort Hood attack, and the list goes on … Continue reading

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How Might Christians Foster A Better Relationship With Jews?

One of the most complex issues for Christians and Jews to resolve is how to better relate to each other when the proverbial elephant is in the room. What Is The Elephant? The Elephant is the desire on the … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ – Was He A Capitalist, A Socialist Or A Communist?

Did Jesus Have Economic Beliefs? One of the parables that The Bible records is, Luke 19:13 and it can perhaps help us better understand, whether or not, Jesus had sociological/economic beliefs. The primary purpose of this parable was to … Continue reading

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Did The Pilgrim Fathers Really Wear Black And Buckles?

Did The Pilgrim Fathers Really Wear Black And Buckles?

Did The Pilgrim Fathers Wear Black And Eat Turkey? It seems like most of us take it as a given that the Pilgrim Fathers wore lots of buckles, were deeply religious, hated sex and landed on Plymouth Rock etc. … Continue reading

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Family Planning And Abortion? Should The West Promote Them?

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How Much Should Governments Be Involved In Family Planning?   Many Muslims now have more than four of five children whilst the average number of children amongst many indigenous populations in the West is now around 1.3 children per … Continue reading

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