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Family Planning And Abortion? Should The West Promote Them?

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How Much Should Governments Be Involved In Family Planning?   Many Muslims now have more than four of five children whilst the average number of children amongst many indigenous populations in the West is now around 1.3 children per … Continue reading

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God – Does Everyone Really Believe In God?

So Why Do Atheists Deny God Or Some Higher Power?

Do Even Atheists Believe In God?   Many people claim to be atheists and agnostics, but you might want to run a little test on them, like I did with a friend of mine. He told me that he … Continue reading

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Atheists? Can Atheists Be Guilty Of Sin?

Is it possible to believe in both religion and science?

Can Atheists Be Guilty Be Guilty Of Sin   I just looked up "sin" in the dictionary and it says .. 1. A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate. 2. Theology a. Deliberate disobedience to … Continue reading

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Life After Death – Did You Ever Wake Up With A Big Jolt?


Life After Death And The Soul "Just when I was starting to wake up this morning, and was still in a kind of dream world, and before I opened my eyes, my body suddenly received a big jolt and … Continue reading

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Antisemitism – Why Did And Does Antisemitism Exist?

Antisemitism – Why Did And Does Antisemitism Exist?

What Is The Reason For Antisemtism? If we look at Jewish history we see antisemitism rearing it’s ugly head again and again. Millions of Jews have been slaughtered and/or expelled from country after country. And it’s clear that the … Continue reading

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Princess Diana ? Latest Evidence Says She Was Assassinated By SAS

Did Princess Diana Die In An Accident Or Was She Assassinated? There has been much speculation about the death of Princess Diana but although the latest courtroom evidence added fuel to the fire, the MSM remained quiet. August 17, … Continue reading

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