Censorship – Should Governments Use It ?

Should Governments Use Censorship And If So When?

Seems like more and more democracies are using censorship and in some cases it’s surely justified.

Such as in defense related material

But many countries are clearly going beyond national defense and are using it to control their populations.

And it would be reasonable to argue that political correctness is being used to censor and to silence people

Should Governments Sometimes Enforce Censorship?

More and more countries across Europe are now moving toward some kind of protective censorship.

Sweden is in the news now because its police are afraid to confront violent Muslims and the country is now the rape capital of Europe.

Both of the above are either kept out of the news by the MSM or are seriously played down by it due to pressure from Sweden’s hard left government.

Check out this video about Sweden by Pat Condell.

The UK has what are referred to as D-Notices which advise journalists as to certain subjects that shouldn’t be published.

Compliance is voluntary, but imagine getting invited to another press conference if you contravened one!

And during WW2 the United States even had a government department dedicated to censorship.

Obama promised transparency but keeps Americans in the dark, probably more than any previous US government.

Is Increasing Surveillance A Form Of Censorship?

The U.S. government asked Google for data on its users more than 31,000 times in 2012 alone.

The government rarely obtained a search warrant first and Google recently revealed that in nearly all cases that the company ended up turning over at least some of the data.

Some argue that heightened surveillance, restrictions on Internet freedom and even censorship are necessary to protect intellectual property rights, prevent cyberespionage, fight child pornography, and protect national interests such as nuclear power plants from hackers.

So what do you think?

When should government censorship be permitted? Or perhaps there should be none?

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* Article was originally published about 2 years ago but in some ways it’s even more relevant now.

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2 Responses to Censorship – Should Governments Use It ?

  1. jake-the-hake says:

    I think countries need to have some kind of censorship and especially when it comes to the country’s defense secrets.

    The UK has had d-notices for decades and once a subject gets hit with a d-notice then it’s off-limits to the media.

  2. Foreprimeseo says:

    I think censorship should be done with consent, people should agree on that. How? The Government should convince people that it’s for their safety, and if they agree via referendum, then is ok.

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