Did George Washington Have Wooden Teeth?

Did Washinton really have wooden teeth?

OK so George Washington who was our first President was around a long time ago, like 300 years ago, but it’s still hard to believe that some or all of his teeth were wooden.

So what’s the scoop, did the Father of Our Country really have wooden teeth?

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3 Responses to Did George Washington Have Wooden Teeth?

  1. knopfman says:

    This one is a real misconception because George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth or anything close to them.

    A report by a forensic anthropologist from the University of Pittsburgh, which was done in collaboration with the National Museum of Dentistry concluded that Washington’s four known dentures were made of;

    Hippopotamus ivory
    Human and animal teeth, including horse and donkey teeth.

    It might be worth noting that many people are now having fillings that contain mercury removed, because of its suspected connection to Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.

  2. brightone69 says:


    So which one of Washington’s teeth was from a donkey?

    donkey teeth

    And which from a horse?

    And the lead one, well neigh ))))

  3. Hannah says:

    @knopfman: Thank you for the information that you provided. So we all know now that George Washington did not have wooden teeth. And who spread the rumors about him having wooden dentures? How can wood be used as human dentures by the way?