Does Television Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Society?

Does Television Have A Positive Or Negative Influence On Society?

I know that there are some wonderfully educational and entertaining programs on TV but we also get bombarded with violence and anorexic models that look like they need to eat some real food for a few weeks.

The result of the above negatives seems to be that we have become desensitized to violence and our female children think that they need to look like skeletons in order to be attractive.

And hours and hours in front of the TV rather than doing something productive means than more and more people are becoming obese when they could be doing far more constructive things with their time.

Well obviously I think that much needs to be changed about both what’s on TV and also our viewing habits, but what do you guys think?

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11 Responses to Does Television Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Society?

  1. big-thoughts says:

    I’d say, and I’m not alone in this that the negative effects of television are huge!

    Municipalities can no longer find enough residents to man their boards, social clubs are falling apart, and who has time to read books anymore?

    The average sixty five year old American has spent around nine years of their life watching TV or falling asleep in front of it!

    That breaks down to four and a half hours a day watching TV which is two months a year, and instead of that the person could have written a short novel, painted a few pictures, started an environmental clean-up group, or learned to play an instrument etc.

    And just imagine what would happen if you got rid of your TV and friends came over: you’d actually sit down and talk to each other.

    If you’d like to watch the occasional movie or something else that’s going to be or has been on TV then get yourself a monitor and plug your DVD player into it.

    If you’re interested in learning much more about the effects of TV and technology then check out some excerpts from “Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology” by  Neil Postman because it delves deeply into the pros and cons of technology and its effects on our culture.

  2. knopfman says:

    I just spent around 15 minutes on the Internet surfing for answers to my search words, “what are the advantages of TV”.

    The first thing that struck me was that almost ever blog that commented on the “advantages of TV” was written by somebody that was semi-illiterate 🙁

    The second thing were comments such as, “TV news let’s you know what’s happening all over the world”.

    Very little of value can be gained from watching news on TV because each breaking story would need about 20 minutes to explain it in detail, and all of the MSM channels have their own agenda.

    Which is how we ended up with Obama 🙄

    I know there are advantages to owning a TV but I’ll do a little more searching to see what others think – or don’t!

  3. divka says:

    jiveass, bigthoughts and knopfman ..

    I believe that there are two fundamental requirements that television producers should consider when making decisions regarding the style and content of their programs and they are;

    Will this program be financially profitable?
    Will this program benefit the viewing public?

    If his or her programs are not financially profitable, then either the producer will be fired or the company hiring him will go out of business.

    Most modern television producers give fulfillment of the first requirement their full attention, whilst the second requirement is seldom if ever considered and when profitability is the only consideration, then television producers will tend to view the public as those:

    Whose lives can be easily manipulated.
    Who possess little intelligence.
    Who have no life goals or purpose.
    Who have nothing better to do than spend every spare moment watching TV.

    The result of only fulfilling the first requirement (category one) is that programming will not be created to enrich lives, but instead will attempt to lure and entrap viewers, using every technique and gimmick that can be imagined.

    If however the television producer desires to serve the viewing public (category two), then he or she will create a very different type of programming and his or her programs will assume that the viewer is intelligent, and is living a life that is purposeful.

    His or her programs will not attempt to steal every spare waking moment from the viewer, nor will they desensitize the viewer with a barrage of mind-numbing images or ear-splitting noises but will instead:

    Attempt to increase the viewers sensitivity.
    Provide useful information.
    Encourage the viewer to become creative.

    If you watch even just a little amount of TV then you’ll know that producers that fall into category two are for the most part, sadly lacking.

  4. SteveT says:

    I remember when I was a youngster in the early 1980s there were far fewer restrictions on what was considered viewable for kids. I remember watching horror films on an old betamax video cassette player which looking back probably would happen less nowadays. It didn’t really do me any harm though.

    • Karen says:

      1: I also enjoyed scarey movies as a kid but there is a big difference between 1980’s horror films and horror films today.. the movie SAW would have been rated 21 in the 80’s but my 14’r-old daughters friends have watched it.
      2: Im pretty confident that if you can get some stats you will see a steady escalation of violence & general society decline, notably from the 80’s
      3: Add to tv violence; the other messages that tv relays to our kids in a world where parents arent doing much parenting these days..
      4: It is scientifically proven that watching tv is a sort of brainwashing of our brain – causing us to just accept what we see. Affecting amongst others, our decision making…. Really, it is sad that there are passive people out there. As quoted by E.Burke: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

  5. carl baines says:

    I think overall tv has a positive effect and parents eem to be more aware of what their kids should or shouldn’t be watching. I do agree with Steve about the 80’s and clearly remember watching some so called video nasties with my buddies at 15!

  6. Alloys says:

    Effects of watching TV depend on who is watching and what the person is receiving via the TV. But the effects are so severe to the youngsters that the old people, this is according to my survey. So what we watch on TV could either have positive impact or negative impacts on us depending on how we run it.

  7. Kristen says:

    It’s both ways – TV has positive and negative effects to us. There’s no need to deprive someone of watching TV because there are really good entertainment produced out there. But as we all know, too much is bad so it’s up to us how we manage TV time.

  8. Luicer@Nikenya Domain Names says:

    I think I have to agree with Kristen; it’s in both ways-that is, negative and positive impact to anybody you watches TV! And sometimes, it all depends on someone’s way of feedback after the watch. There are those who get positively affected and others negatively affected due to a certain program being taken! I think it’s a mature thing to give out warning on a certain program and which kind of people are supposed to give a watch and at what time!

  9. Harvey Williams says:

    in my opinion tv is the best thing that has ever happeed to this world.

  10. Learn More says:

    Funny that you say that Harvey.

    After not having a TV for 10 years I was offered a great deal by a cable provider so I bought a new TV

    I only watched it for about 45 minutes during the first month so I sold it.

    I much prefer the Internet because I can read and watch things whenever I want.

    For example, my local news was on TV at 8:00pm which is exactly when I like to go out to a cafe.

    I can watch movies on my DVD player etc etc

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