God – Does Everyone Really Believe In God?

    Do Even Atheists Believe In God?

    Does everyone believe in God?


    Many people claim to be atheists and agnostics, but you might want to run a little test on them, like I did with a friend of mine.

    He told me that he "didn’t believe in all that primitive mumbo jumbo", and insisted that science now has pretty much all the answers.

    So I asked him to do a simple test to which he first readily agreed.

    I suggested that the following day after he woke up, that he would sit quietly for a few moments, or minutes if he were able, and then simply say,

    "Today, I surrender to you and ask you to use me as you see fit".

    His reaction?

    He immediately became indignant and frustrated and said,

    "I’d never do something like that".

    And then he became even more perplexed when I stated the obvious, that if there was nothing there, then he had nothing to be concerned about.

    He wouldn’t carry out the test and gave all kinds of reasons why he wouldn’t do it, ranging from, "It’s just silly", to "I have better things to do with my time".

    But did he simply harbor the belief, deep down, that something really does exist?

    What Is My Opinion?

    I have asked a couple of supposed atheist scientists what they believe, and they talk about the big-bang theory.

    But let’s be clear that the big-bang is simply a theory!

    And when I asked these scientists what caused the big bang, they both mumbled that it "just happened".

    And it’s hard to believe that scientists of all people would give such an asinine answer.

    It seems to me obvious that something, and I’m not talking about somebody sitting on a cloud looking down at us, created the galaxies and everything in them.

    I look around at what surrounds us every day and I’m in wonder of it!

    What surprises me most though is man’s arrogance!

    He put a tin can or the moon but something not only created the moon but endless galaxies too!

    And we set our clocks according to the sun and not vice versa.

    Is It Possible To Experience God?

    Well millions or probably billions of people would say that they very often feel the presence of a higher power, and have no doubts about the existence of a higher power.

    God And Guardian Angels?

    A great many people will tell you that they have often felt protected and I feel for certain that something, God, a higher power, or an angel, protected me on at least several occasions.

    So Why Do Atheists Deny God Or Some Higher Power?

    Believing in a higher power would seemingly put them on a lower level and their little egos say,

    "Not true, nothing is higher than you!".

    You don’t have to log-in to post a response and if you’d like to expression your opinion on this subject, then please do.

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15 Responses to God – Does Everyone Really Believe In God?

  1. miss skeptic says:

    Well I have to say that I didn’t imagine that there would be any problem when I sat down this morning and decided to try the “test”.

    But after sitting quietly for a few minutes and composing myself I found myself feeling very uncomfortable about saying, “Today, I surrender to you and ask you to use me as you see fit” and eventually I didn’t say it.

    I will try it again a few times and try to figure out what the problem is!

  2. no-shmuck says:

    @ Miss Skeptic

    Interesting that you had that reaction because I asked a “confirmed atheist” to do it today and not only wouldn’t he do it but he got really angry too.

    Kind like, “Hey, I don’t need to prove that I’m right” …

  3. live-one says:

    I personally can’t look out of my window and think, “Well it all just happened”, but I have friends that tell me, “Hey you’re bright, surely you know that science solved the mysteries long ago”.

    I decided to check out what many of out greatest scientists actually thought about the issue and you can check out their thoughts at, “What many top scientists had to say about creation“.

  4. yellowstone says:

    Hi live-one,

    The list of scientists that your link leads to is really impressive and the people on it made truly major changes to our world.

    I sent an email to a few friends with the link and whilst most were receptive, one replied ..

    “All the people on the list come from a time when they would have been burned as heretics.

    Probably Christened (apart from Einstein!) and raised religiously rather than by atheists”.

  5. knopfman says:

    Stephen Hawking has said, in his writings, “the actual point of creation lies outside the scope of presently known laws of physics,” and a less well-known but very distinguished cosmologist, Professor Alan Guth from MIT, says the “instant of creation remains unexplained.”

    So to say that, “science has the answers to creation” would be foolhardy to say the least!

  6. Gladys says:

    @ yellowstone


    I can understand and also appreciate the person that wrote, “All the people on the list come from a time when they would have been burned as heretics. Probably Christened (apart from Einstein!) and raised religiously rather than by atheists”.

    The problem with his opinion is that None of the people on the list sound like they were believers in Name only and with the exception of Einstein they all appear to have been very devout.

  7. RegSpragg says:

    I got this email today after asking a friend about this thread:

    and religion has a shred of evidence to support itself?

    Walk round the Vatican and admire the wealth , its just a man made business!!

    Like any other company with websites , catalogs and salespeople , this one is selling salvation and how to avoid damnation and a chance that after life on earth is life in Nirvana, valhalla or heaven

    See it for what it is

    I’m reading about the separation (instigated by the Raj and Mountbatten) of Hindu India, Islamic Pakistan and mixed Bangladesh , around a million died , which one had which god on their side??
    It seems amazing to me that people that are otherwise intelligent, can’t separate religion from creation.

    I’d say that ‘religions’ are man made and therefore suspect and most likely corrupt, but what has this got to do with the creation of the universe, when no religions existed?

  8. Joseph says:

    @RegSpragg would you not say that science is also man made, and I suspect that it is corrupt? How about philosophy also it’s man made it is also corrupt or the law, it is also man made. Why should corrupt men tell me how to live my life, if I want something I should be able to take it by influence or by force. The concept of right and wrong is a man made invention to force their ideal onto others.

  9. Grüfflin says:

    Given that people have been worshipping not only one, but more than 3,700 gods so far, your test is based on a false dichotomy. So even if you were to demonstrate anything, you unjustifiably jump to the conclusion that you’ve demonstrated said atheist to believe in your god. What’s to say he wouldn’t believe in Tlaloc instead?

    The test’s heavy bias aside, it’s also simply demeaning. After all, *your* sense of self-worth is independent from who you may or may not be talking to. And it’s your self-esteem you’d have to overcome, if you’re willing to really mean those words. That would also have to be true, if you turn out to be talking to thin air, which renders the test useless.

    • redbourn says:

      Doesn’t really matter which ‘God’ they believe in.

      The point is that deep down everybody knows the world didn’t just happen and people that deny it do so because of their ego.

      They don’t want to accept that something much greater than them exists.

      Thanks for posting.

  10. Lee Kaplan says:

    You lump agnostics in with atheists. Wrong. Agnostics feel you cannot prove the existence of a God any more than you can deny one with any certainty. Do you believe that Jesus is a god? Is God a spirit? I gravity God? Can we talk to God or is the entire universe God? In Judaism we are not allowed to define what God is. Why is it that some believers like this author always feel the need to attack agnostics and atheists? It’s as if if you don’t believe you are a bad person sans any morals. Atheists and agnostics can have morals. The ISIS and al Qaeda are devout beleivers in “God”. Your Manichean approach to belief in God isn’t very godly.

    • Knopfman says:

      Attacking agnostics and atheists?

      Quite the opposite is happening in the US!

      Atheists are spending a lot of money and time continually attacking Christianity.

      Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t a court case trying to have some memorial or statue removed, or some Christian meeting prevented.

      Have you noticed that when America was one nation under God that it was the most blessed country in the world?

      This year it will be economically #2 in the world and probably militarily #2 by 2020

      Soon 50% of Americans will be getting handouts to prevent them from slipping into deeper poverty.

      Is there a connection between America’s fast decline and the fact that it is no longer one nation under God?

      I don’t believe in coincidences.

      I agree that agnostics and atheists are not the same but the original point of the article was that “deep down everybody believes in God”, and it was not an attack on anybody.

      Nothing exists that is not God.

    • Big Believer says:

      It’s kinda interesting that the article upsets you because it seems kind of neutral and non pushy to me.

      Did you try the test?

      Sit quietly for a short time and say, “Use me as you see fit”?

      I say something similar at least twice a day so it was easy for me.

    • Eagerwatcher says:

      A new example of atheists attacking Christianity.

      The man attacked is an army chaplain.


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