How Important Is Psychometric Testing?

How Important And How Accurate Are The Tests?

Are psychometric tests necessary?

I’m going for a job interview next week and I know that either before or after the preliminary interview that I’ll have to take a psychometric test.

I know that the tests are now very common, and I have nothing to hide but the idea of taking the test is making me very nervous indeed.

What is the employer hoping to learn about me from the psychometric test and will what he learns be accurate?

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  1. knopfman says:

    How accurate are psychometric tests?

    Well, it depends on what you mean by accurate.

    The tests, and there are hundreds of different ones are simply measuring instruments, and all measuring instruments are open to error, and psychometric tests are certainly not perfect.

    However, neither are interviews, and neither are the screening of application forms etc.

    Well designed and well constructed psychometric tests are designed, constructed and administered to give repeatable and reliable results and the good ones certainly succeed at that.

    The tests are a great aid to interviewers, who without them, would often have to rely on a fairly short interview and a CV which might well be faked, before deciding to hire a a candidate.

  2. RegSpragg says:

    They used to use them at the ICI in the late 80’s.

    The idea was to have them before an interview and have them assessed BEFORE the candidate attended the interview panel so the panel could see the results and make their questions accordingly at the following interview.

    If my memory is correct they consisted of about three pages of multi choice questions on things like what sort of music (martial, classical etc.,)do you like or who would you leave your money to (different charities, “none” not being an option ).

    They where supposed to identify you as either a team player or leader.

    My mate came out as an introvert with extrovert tendencies though (or vice versa) and when questioned as to the contradiction he told ‘em he was one person at work and another at home.

    Seemed to satisfy them.

    The questions are also repeated several times in differing ways to weed out anyone who tries to answer what they think is required.

    That’s how they where supposed to be used.

    Instead they where done AFTER the interview when it was too bloody late to do anything with the results.

    They are only as good as the people who decipher the answers.

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