Little Black Dresses (LBD) – Are They Still Stylish And Sexy?

Are Little Black Dresses Simply Passé?

Do these women look s*** in black?

Little Black Dresses Are Not Sexy But Just Plain Boring!


So many women nowadays, still dress in black clothes, and I’m not talking about Muslim women.

And the little black dress, LBD, is still highly recommended on so many blogs, and so called fashion pages.

But Why Are Little Black Dresses Still Highly Recommended?

For example, the BBC still says that " Little Black Dresses Are Never Out Of Style".

In my opinion, those that recommend the dresses have no more imagination than those that continue to wear them.

So Why Do Women Still Wear Little Black Dresses?

If you ask most women why they still wear them, then they’ll give you an answer something similar to this,

"Black always looks good and it never goes out of fashion". etc.

I am personally sick and tired of seeing women in black clothes and little black dresses, and think that it shows a total lack of imagination.

Unless you live in Iran or Saudi Arabia for example and have little or no choice.

And I don’t find them attractive at all, but just very much passé.

But The LBD Is Still Being Pushed

"But if you do not want to be in all the time, a little black dress is the best choice.

Actually, a little black has become the top ten things a woman wants to own in their wardrobe".

I think that bright colors and a happy smile are much more appealing to me and most likely to all men!

What do you think?

No more boring little black dresses please, just some great looking colorful clothes

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So maybe men should start getting women to burn their maybe dozens of little black dresses?!

And get them to start using some imagination instead!

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11 Responses to Little Black Dresses (LBD) – Are They Still Stylish And Sexy?

  1. RegSpragg says:

    The nineteenth century is dead and gone gals so it’s time to toss out that Victorian Black!

    Why, oh why, has this old fogey fashion idea clung to us so tightly, that even the thought of wearing dark blue is forbidden?

    I went to a party last week and there were so many women in black that I thought that I’d gone to a funeral by mistake.

    This is the 21st century folks!

    Time to trash that fogey old fashion and bring out the COLORS!!!

  2. Gladys says:

    Actually, it was Coco Chanel that created the Little Black Dress in the 1930’s and that was in the twentieth century, guys.

    Black absorbs light which makes women look thinner and most of us gals think that we look great in our little black dresses, but if I see more negative comments from men then I might have to think again.

  3. yellowstone says:

    Ask me if she looks good or not and I’d say she looks like a clown!

    And certainly not SEXY!

  4. eagerwatcher says:

    Wot! Not Sexy!


    I just bought myself this cute little number for $35

    Just tell me that men won’t be drooling at the next party that I go to!

    Hey! I have a sense of humor you know 😉




  5. Iocane says:

    How is a black dress any less “imaginative” than a red one? Filling one piece of clothing with one solid colour isn’t anymore mentally taxing than any other one.

  6. donald-drake says:

    Hi Iocane,

    Do you think the three women in the picture look good in their black outfits?

    Black is the absence of light and therefore the absence of color so most women (and perhaps many men) feel that they can wear it with anything.

    If you wear one color and want to add another then you have to think about what would match it.

    With black you don’t have to and that’s why it’s ‘lazy’.

    You put on something red and have to think about what to wear with it.

    My opinion anyway.

    BTW – I hate wearing black ..

    • Iocane says:

      I don’t think Paris Hilton looks attractive no matter what she wears. Also, all three pictures are taken in harsh lighting, and the cuts aren’t particularly great. These pictures don’t look great, but black clothing can look good.

      back can look good

      babies in black

  7. jive-a** says:

    Hi Iocane.

    Good to have you aboard!

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been to an Iranian party or not but the men wear black shirts, black jackets and black shoes etc.

    Found you a photo that will give you the feeling, but they’re not Iranian men (as far as I know) and they’re obviously not at a party.

    Men in black.

    And don’t even think about asking one of the girls or women to dance.

  8. Maureen says:

    Wearing black is okay especially with the right accessories which doesn’t have to be black, too!

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