Obama Plays The Race Card Again!

Non-blacks elected Obama so how can we be racist?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious here, but white Americans elected an African/American to be president, so why is anybody that now criticizes him, a “racist?”.

Around 97% of Blacks apparently voted for Obama and almost the same number still approve of him.

So surely it’s Blacks that are being racist and not non-black Americans?!

I and a great many others think that Obama is wrecking the US but it’s his policies that we have a problem with and not his color.

The Race Card Again

Obama just said that race has affected his political standing since he’s been in office.

According to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine’s website today, President Barack Obama says that racial tensions have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years,

"There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president",

"Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president".

How Many Non-Blacks Voted To Reelect Obama?

I think that you can fairly safely assume that Obama won 95% of the Black vote in every state.

So he would have needed approximately 75% of the non-White, non-Black vote in every state, in order to get the votes he got.

The above numbers are obviously approximate, but they are close enough for the purpose of showing how many non-blacks were not affected by Obama’s color.

So Political Correctness Aside

How much do you believe color is causing Obama’s collapse in popularity?

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24 Responses to Obama Plays The Race Card Again!

  1. Michael Redbourn says:

    There is a very interesting article that I just read.

    Well I thought it was interesing anyway, and it’s about this very subject, or something very close to it.

    It concerns the number of Black Republicans, and the article first appeared on the Real Clear Politics website on Oct 3, 2010

    Did you know for example that 14 Black candidates are running for congress as Republicans?

    Or that of the 39 Black republicans in the House, all but two respresent districts where Blacks are a majority.

    And maybe two bigger surprises, Black support for Obama is down from 96% to 76% and 35% of Blacks somewhat support the Tea Party!

    If the above insterests you then check out the article, "Black Republicans" because you might enjoy it and learn a lot.

  2. no-shmuck says:

    Well the subject is certainly topical and to the point.

    Why are white folks accused of racism simply because we don’t like Obama’s policies?

    I just came across a "racism flow chart" which is kind of tongue in cheek, but it’s sadly not far from the truth!

    R U a closet racist?

    Click on "full size racism flow chart" to view a full size chart, and your reaction will most likely be either, laugh, squirm or both.

    • Mike says:

      Blacks are an inferior race. Show me one country where the blacks are in the majority that is prosperous. Every country where blacks run the country and blacks make up the majority of the population, the country is dirt poor and is basically dependent of the rest of the world to feed them. Why is that? Are they lazy? Why did they become slaves for 300 years? Do they have the capability to fight for freedom? Why didn’t they? Name more than one black person that succeeded in this country where thefoundation was not laid out before him to succeed?

      • Eric says:

        Ok. Looking at history you can find many successful black people. So on an individual basis any person is capable of success no matter their color. On a sociological level they as a population are poor. In the freedom comments I would only look at slave revolts in the Caribbean to see that capacity. You need only look at Rhodesia to see how a black population can destroy a successful country or the present plight of South Africa. So the question I would pose is it in this question. Are we looking at an environmental issue or genetic. While any logical person will acknowledge the failure, the cause is the question. I see too much environmental to go with genetics. So here is the test. Educate a group of blacks to the same standard as Anglo Asian Europeans. Arm them and tell them to take over a country with good natural resources. After that then you may make your appraisal. Other wise you can not state anything as fact.

  3. Gina Robinson says:

    How come you’re automatically considered racist if you don’t like Obama?

    OK I want to say right up front that I’m am not an Obama fan; but I’m white and have dated black guys.

    I simply don’t like Obama’s politics and I think that he’s destroying America, and worse still, perhaps he’s doing it intentionally.

    I’m pretty sure that Michelle hates whites!

    Like the original post says, “American’s voted for a black president”.

    Only 12% of Americans are black, so I think it would be pretty safe to say that people who constantly bring up the fact that Obama is colored are the true racists.

    Many people just need to drop it and get over his color (his mother was white) regardless of whether you’re for or against him politically!

  4. peterson says:

    I was delighted in 2007 when Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in a decision:

    “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race”, and I thought to myself, the Supreme Court has finally come my way.

    I was also pleased recently when Rev. Al Sharpton, (a black American Baptist minister) was quoted as saying about jobs and employment in the current recession, “We’re not looking for a race-based program. We’re looking to make sure everyone is involved”.

    So how much have things improved?

    I’m not sure they have at all.

    Whites and Christians are now taken to court if they are deemed to have said something “hateful”, whereas it would appear that Muslims can inflame and deride and then seek cover charging that they are simply exercising their right to free speech.

    Reverse discrimination now seems to be the order of the day.

  5. jive-a** says:

    The following is from a Rasmussen report released Oct 6, 2010

      Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations

    Perceptions about the state of black-white relations in America have fallen dramatically since the summer of 2009. But voters are still more optimistic about that relationship than they are about relations between whites and Hispanics and between blacks and Hispanics.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 36% of voters now say relations between blacks and whites are getting better. That’s down from 62% in July of last year at the height of the controversy involving a black Harvard professor and a white policeman. That number had fallen only slightly to 55% in April of this year.

    Twenty-seven percent (27%) now say black-white relations are getting worse, up 10 points from July 2009, while 33% think they’re staying about the same.

    African-Americans are much more pessimistic than whites. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of whites think black-white race relations are getting better, but just 13% of blacks agree.

    Confidence in the nation’s course among African-Americans soared after Barack Obama’s election. But then several prominent Democrats, perhaps most notably former President Jimmy Carter, suggested that opposition to the president’s health care plan was motivated in part by racism. Only 12% of all voters agreed in September of last year, but among blacks, 27% felt that way and 48% were undecided.

    The survey of 1,000 Likely U.S. Voters was conducted on October 4-5, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

    Only 21% of all voters now think race relations between whites and Hispanics are improving, down seven points from April and down 19 points from last December. Fifty percent (50%) say they are getting worse, and 24% say they’re remaining about the same.

    Similarly, just 16% say race relations between blacks and Hispanics are getting better. Thirty-four percent (34%) say they are worsening and 24% staying the same. However, 26% are undecided. These findings are basically unchanged from December.

    Democrats and voters not affiliated with either major political party are more positive about black-white relations than Republicans are. Men are more optimistic than women.

    Interestingly, 59% of African-American voters continue to believe the country is moving in the right direction, a view shared by just 27% of whites.

    Confidence in relations with Hispanics has undoubtedly been soured by the growing national concern with illegal immigration, which many view largely as a problem coming from Mexico. Support is high nationally for Arizona’s new law cracking down on illegal immigration, a statute that has drawn loud protest from the Mexican government.

    Most Americans don’t believe Mexico wants to stop the illegal flow of its citizens into this country and think America’s southern neighbor should be asked to compensate U.S. taxpayers for costs incurred by illegal immigration.

    Still, 69% of all voters nationwide say U.S. society is fair and decent, while only 20% think it’s unfair and discriminatory.

  6. Ross says:

    Consider this.

    Why are African Americans twice as likely to commit hate crimes as Whites?

    The FBI reported in their 2008 statistics that:

    61.1 percent of the hate crimes were committed by whites

    And 20.2 percent by blacks

    But 74.3% of America is white and 12.3% of America is black or African American.

    So why is it that blacks are nearly twice as likely to commit a hate crime as a white?

    And why is it that whites are stereotyped for being the most likely to commit a hate crime?

    And please don’t use Obama’s excuse that it’s because of slavery.

    Slavery was abolished in the US in 1865!

    2010 less 1865 = 145 years ago.

    Most people forgive injustices whilst they’re still alive or else the next generation does it.

    How long is a generation?

    21 years and not 145!

    • icekoldozy says:

      According to the police hate crimes are simply one race on another. So a standard black criminal has an 8/10 chance of attacking a white person without even having racist intentions. while a white criminal only has a 2/10 chance of attacking a black guy.

  7. Michael Redbourn says:

    Michelle Obama Is A Dangerous Racist

    The sequestering of Michelle Obama’s academic thesis was unprecedented at Princeton, and it’s especially surprising because it’s a liberal university that prides itself on open access to scholarly information.

    And perhaps even more surprising, is the the fact that in spite of repeated attempts by many media organizations to view the document, Obama’s alma mater would provide no explanation for hiding it.

    The thesis (4 parts zipped up) which was written under her maiden name, Michelle LaVaughn, is entitled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community”.

    A copy of the thesis that surfaced recently somewhat frighteningly indicates that Michelle Obama identifies with black militancy, is utterly obsessed with race in America and her own blackness.

    And it’s a fundamentally racist document, which is especially shocking considering that this scholarship is the product of a presidential candidate’s wife at a great university.

    She mourns that she will face “further integration and/or assimilation into a white cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant".

    Obama’s thesis is full of paranoid claims and overtly racist feelings and she cannot accept the idea of a diverse student body working together in a melting pot.

    “I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don’t belong. Regardless of the circumstances under which I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second".

    Not only does she see separate black and white societies in America, but she elevates black over white in her world.

    “There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community, I was somehow obligated to this community and would utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit this community first and foremost".

    So what is Michelle Obama planning to do with her future resources that will elevate black over white in America?

    Perhaps most alarming is her use of the terms, “separationist" and “integrationist" when describing the views of black people since she clearly identifies herself with a “separationist" view of race!

    “By actually working with the Black lower class or within their communities as a result of their ideologies, a separationist may better understand the desperation of their situation and feel more hopeless about a resolution as opposed to an integrationist who is ignorant to their plight".

    Here is another typical passage that is poorly written, but nevertheless extremely ominous in meaning:

    “Attending Princeton has probably forced [black alumni] to compete intellectually with Whites more than with Blacks and, thus, they have probably become more familiar with Whites intellectually, but in other activities they are likely to have gained familiarity with Whites if they did not spend time with Whites in other activities besides intellectual ones".

    Is it any wonder that most black alumni ignored her racist questionnaire?

    Out of four hundred that were asked to give input, only eighty nine responded!

    The following passage appears to be a call to arms for affirmative action policies that might well be the hallmark of the Obama administration.

    “Predominately white universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments".

    The Conclusion Of The Thesis Is Especially Alarming.

    Michelle Obama’s poll of other black alumni apparently caused her to conclude that other black students at Princeton did not share her obsession with blackness, and she laments that only one third say they are more comfortable around black people than white people.

    But rather than celebrate, she is horrified that black alumni identify with our common American culture more than they value the color of their skin.

    “I hoped that these findings would help me conclude that despite the high degree of identification with whites as a result of the educational and occupational path that black Princeton alumni follow, the alumni would still maintain a certain level of identification with the black community. However, these findings do not support this possibility".

    Sadly, Michelle Obama does not look into a crowd and see Americans, but sees black people and white people eternally conflicted with one another.

    That is a very divisive view for a first lady that could do untold damage to race relations in this country, and Michelle Obama’s intellectually refined racism should give all Americans cause for deep concern.

    • icekoldozy says:

      Your article is severely flawed. Seeking empowerment for one race is different from hating whites. There is actually nothing in that post where you seek to tell people how to interpret her words where she says anything that is anti white..If you had said she had a fragile mental state you could make that point with the quotes you took

  8. pasifism-wins says:

    Michael, I am totally horrified by what you posted!

    One can only assume that Barak is of the same ilk and feels “uncomfortable” with Whites.

    So all what we heard from the Rev Wright is true?

    Barak and Michelle really agree with, “God Damn America”.

    It sends shudders down my spine!

  9. Michael Redbourn says:

    If anybody would like to download the whole of Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis, it can be found in PDF format at, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, or Parts 1-4 in zip format.

  10. knopfman says:

    Thanks Michael!

    I waded through the 4 pages and Michelle isn’t able to even construct proper sentences in many cases; which says something about Princeton.

    The above is small fry however compared to the actual content, and reading it one gets a really good idea of what Michelle and Barak want for America, and it’s definitely not what the huge majority of Americans want, and that’s for sure!

    Maybe you should read what Bill Cosby has to say about this ..


    And “yes” it’s genuine because I checked it at http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/cosby.asp

  11. no-shmuck says:

    Are America’s Whites Racist?

    The simple answer is, "No they are not".

    That said, traces of racism obviously persist and a large number of White Americans don’t think it’s quite‘normal’ for a black person to be successful or highly educated.

    As far as Obama goes, many white Americans only see or saw Obama as part black because his mother, Anne Dunham, was white.

    I have used the terms black and white because the term afro-American is just plain dumb.

    Do you hear Europeans saying I’m German European or French European etc?

    Take a look at newscasters, actors and actresses etc in the US and see just how many Blacks there are.

    The number is certainly far more than 12% which would be representative of their numbers.

    Is There Total Equality?

    No there isn’t, but affirmative action needs to be ended because it’s now unfair and often prevents talented Whites from attending schools or getting jobs that they would otherwise have got, and that definitely imbues racism.

    Are America’s Blacks Racist?

    Of course some are.

    Michelle Obama is certainly not only a racist but a separatist too and one can but wonder if Obama, by association, is a closet racist too.

    • icekoldozy says:

      I can’t take you seriously you said some blacks are racist but no whites are. Lies Ther are racist people of both races.

  12. GLondon says:

    The tribe of the Blacks in America is in very sad shape, because they placed the responsibility for improvement of their lot upon whites.

    Were their “leaders” such as fat, stupid Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and even Martin King the least bit honest they would have insisted that blacks work together to pull themselves up, by their own efforts…not by permission or enabling of the whites.

    As former slaves, their history is that of a conquered people…no different from the Native American tribes…and they are responsible for their own progress, their own honor, and their own outcome.

    Just listen to them…you will rarely find a conversation they have without their referring to one another as “niggers” and even greet each other in this manner…and then clain upset when a white person says the “N” word. Gimme a break…

    I for one am totally tired of their whining and blaming others, and have either dismissed or not rehired blacks in my business…and things are runniing much more smoothly and more productively.

    Michelle Obama is a great example of someone who has each and every benefit, and STILL has a hardon for white people. I say the hell with her.

    I was in love with a black woman at one time, and practically had to remove my skin to get along in any worthwhile way…trust me, the majority of the racists in the USA ARE the blacks.

    I have had quite enough of this subject, this issue, and this problem. For my money they can go to hell with my blessing. Later with them…

    • icekoldozy says:

      I disagreewith some of what you said while there are definitely some who have an entitlement complex. There are several who take responsibility for themselves and fight their way to the top. As for your conquered people analogy. Do WASPS feel like a conquered people because a vast majority of their ancestors fled persecution in Europe?? I think if everyone could stop this blatant tribalism the world would be in a better state. You cite people you see as leaders but no one elected them leaders some people will listen to their words others won’t you can expect everyone of a particular race to feel the same as others. You really need to learn the difference between nigga and nigger.

  13. PAthena says:

    See Booker T. Washington, UP FROM SLAVERY.

    Michelle Obama is as dreadful as her husband Barack Hussein Obama is the worst President of the United States, except for John Tydings, who joined the Confederacy. How the Democrats could have nominated him to be president of the United States is beyond me – except for all the money that George Moriarty Soros (see Sherlock Holmes) poured into getting him into power.

    • icekoldozy says:

      How anyone with any sense can say Obama is worse than Bush is beyond me. One destroyed your economy the other is repairing it slowly maybe. One did not do enough to stop a terrorist attack, The other took out the man responsible. One falsified evidence to do his fathers dirty work. The other would never blindly throw away American lives. One does dot believe in caring for the less fortunate Americans the other tries to help them. The facts speak for themselves you need to calm down and think why do you think he is so bad?

  14. icekoldozy says:

    90% of blacks usually vote democrat so this is an 8% increase.
    Relax there is no massive conspiracy but you have to accept the fact that when there is a first of anything he will get little more support from people who believe he should not go down as a one term president. The fact that many white Americans actually think Obama is a worse president than Bush is more racist. Look at the facts Bush was not fit to be president and destroyed your economy and left it for Obama to fix. Stats show it is being fixed, but you then say it is not fast enough. You then have a lot of the rich white Americans claiming he is un-American citing a massive conspiracy with his birth certificate. Did anyone ask to see Bush’s IQ Test?

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