Should Parents Get Benefits Without Having A Parents License?

What Is A Parents’ License?

You know about a dog license, a driver’s license, and a marriage license, but you’ve never heard of a parents’ license have you?

Well that’s because there isn’t such a thing; but maybe their should be.

Many people are totally unsuited to raising children, but they have them and their governments then pay them child benefits.

And in the UK for example, many teenage girls get pregnant so that they will get money from the government until they’re eighteen years old and never have to work!

How Would It Work?

A would be parent of parents would get a licence in the same way that they get a driver’s licence.

They’d take lessons and then a test, and after passing the test they’d be able to collect child benefit payments.

Any woman that wanted a child but didn’t want to take the lessons or the test would be able to, but she wouldn’t get money from the government.

What Do You Think?

A good idea or a bad one?


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3 Responses to Should Parents Get Benefits Without Having A Parents License?

  1. Knopfman says:

    It’s a great idea!

    And I wonder why nobody ever thought of it before.

  2. liza says:

    I think inviting the government to come 1 more inch into people’s lives is a very very big mistake you’re talking about people that push paper for a living controlling other people’s lives it’s pretty scary

    • Michael Redbourn says:

      I did consider the government issue and thought that my idea would minimize its intrusion.

      The test centers would be privately run and the government’s involvement would be minimal.

      You’ve studied and taken the test or you haven’t.

      Just an idea.

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