Family Planning And Abortion? Should The West Promote Them?

How Much Should Governments Be Involved In Family Planning?

Should the west promote family planning and abortion?


Many Muslims now have more than four of five children whilst the average number of children amongst many indigenous populations in the West is now around 1.3 children per family.

2.1 children are needed to maintain a stable population!



Due To Family Planning The Majority Will Soon Become The Minority

The huge differences in the number of children being born to different groups means that because of demographics, that every country in Europe will be Islamic within 40 years.

The west will be defeated at the ballot box unless it soon rejects its democracies!

And some countries such as France are looking at Islamification within 20 years!

Which Western Countries Promote Family Planning?

I couldn’t find any reliable figures on the web but if you can then please post them.

But it would seem safe to say that probably every Western country promotes family planning.

And Abortion?

And the same western countries mostly promote abortion too!

The Obama Approach To Family Planning And Abortion?

The Obama administration fully supports and promotes both family planning and abortion!

Russia’s Policy?

Russia’s declining population has caused the government to offer incentives to having more children!

What Do You Think?

Is it time for western governments to stop promoting family planning and encouraging abortions?

Should western governments use financial disincentives to discourage immigrants from having so many children?

Or should Europe and later the west, simply lie down an accept Islamification?

Your responses are more than welcome and you don’t need to log-in to post them.

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10 Responses to Family Planning And Abortion? Should The West Promote Them?

  1. jive-a** says:

    What you’re describing is the decline of the White civilizations’ dominance and is similar to what happened to Rome.

    The financial incentives didn’t work in Russia because the reason that Russians are not having many children is because they don’t see any hope, for themselves or their families, and the same applies to most of Europe and to a growing extent in the US and Canada etc.

    What caused the baby-boom?

    After the war, people had hope of a new and better future.

    Religious people are motivated differently and either have lots of children because the Bible tells them to, or because they want their religion to be the dominant one.

  2. big-thoughts says:

    France has offered big incentives for a long time now and it has the highest birthrate in the EU and the Czech Republic just voted unanimously to double the payment given to women on maternity leave to encourage new births.

    In much of Europe women have delayed having children, or opted out entirely and the number of elderly already exceeds the number of young people in many countries.

    Europe is at a turning point and some countries could see their populations decline by nearly half in the next 50 years.

    In 1990, no European country had a fertility rate less than 1.3; by 2002, there were 15, with six more below 1.4.

    No European country is maintaining its population through births and only France with a rate of 1.8 has the potential to do so.

    There is a significant risk that if Europe cannot figure out how to get its citizens to reproduce, the EU will be unable to evolve into a unified economic community and will instead end up fighting for people.

  3. Miss Skeptic says:

    Well the Obama administration definitely wants to be involved in and to control every area of our lives.

    Look at how they just fought for Planned Parenthood last week!

    After all the debate over a handful of policy “riders” in the shutdown-averting budget deal reached last Friday, some little-talked about measures have made it into the final bill.

    Republicans did not manage to defund Planned Parenthood or ban the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases!

  4. Sid says:

    The Republican Party’s vendetta against Planned Parenthood is not about abortion, it’s an attack on poor women.

    Planned Parenthood has become a symbol for abortion in this country, even though 90% of its work is preventive and general health care.

    Federal grants now go toward that preventative 90% of services and not one penny of federal money goes toward abortion.

    So cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood actually would cut off millions of women from health care, including cancer screenings, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and, yes, contraception, which, arguably, is the best way to prevent abortions and help low-income women escape poverty.

  5. Gladys says:

    Women have a choice, and in fact they have a couple of them: abstinence and birth control.

    And neither of the above involve other people having to finance frivolous behavior.

    When one considers that Planned Parenthood performed almost 330,000 abortions in the U.S. last year, one must come to the conclusion that personal responsibility is a complete nonissue. It cannot be possible that there are that many true “accidents” that result in pregnancy.

  6. Ken E says:

    Our government’s support for family planning reminds me of China!

    I think everybody should have family planning.

    Everybody believes in birth control as a right.

    I’m for abortion as a right and all that.

    But why should the federal government have a policy of reducing the number of births?

    I don’t know why the federal government has an interest in that.

    They have an interest in freedom and people making choices, but I just heard a case made by Congressman Wexler that it was in the national interest to have fewer kids but I don’t understand that.

  7. Peterson says:

    Chris Christie’s (Gov. NJ) opposition to abortion has long been a matter of public record, but he barely mentioned it unless asked.

    But in September, he vetoed state support for family planning clinics, a move strongly backed by anti-abortion groups because some of the clinics performed abortions.

    In January, the governor addressed a large anti-abortion rally in Trenton, saying, “This is an issue whose time has come”.

    Then in February, after the Democratic-controlled Legislature approved a much smaller appropriation for family planning, backed mostly by federal dollars, he vetoed that, too.

    Mr. Christie has also applied for federal money for abstinence-only education, which is something that the Democrat he unseated, Gov. Jon S. Corzine, didn’t do.

  8. Anony-Mouse says:

    In spite of a wave of late-term abortion restrictions being signed into law in state capitals, advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood have so far have held back on filing any legal challenges.

    The new proposals would ban most abortions after about twenty weeks into pregnancy, narrowing the window in which a woman can seek an abortion, based on claims that a fetus can feel pain after that period.

    Though these proposals are seen by pro-choice advocates as an assault on reproductive rights, the litigation hasn’t started flying, and Mary Spaulding Balch, who is the state legislation director for the National Right to Life Committee, suggested that that’s because the present momentum is against those groups.

    Planned Parenthood, which is suffering from a spate of bad publicity following an anti-abortion group released video purporting to show an actor posing as a pimp soliciting advice from its clinics, reportedly claims it does not have the standing to challenge the latest measures because it doesn’t offer late-term abortions in those states.

  9. Jake H says:

    A Bay State pro-life organization had been angered by a state-funded sex education web site that claims getting an abortion is “much easier than it sounds”, saying that the site glorifies the controversial procedure.

    Linda Thayer, who’s a former Boston teacher and vice president of educational affairs for the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, says that the web site, is a misuse of state funds and claimed it downplayed the medical procedure.

    She also claimed the web site provided a “road map” for teenagers to get an abortion without informing their parents.

    “Any minor girl who reads this web site, whether she’s pregnant or not, basically gets a road map on how to get an abortion without telling her parents”, Thayer said on Wednesday.

    “They’re really setting these girls up if they follow through with an abortion”.

    And the site also downplays the potential physical complications associated with abortions, claiming that the web-site’s characterization of abortions as “safe and effective” to be a “deceptive sleight of hand”, Thayer said.

    The web site also claims that abortions are, “more common than you might think,” with roughly 4 out of every 10 U.S. women having at least one abortion by the time they reach age 40.

    “My Aunt Lucia says that abortions are safe and effective, though some people may experience temporary discomfort”, Maria says on the web site and she also says that, “early abortions have less risk than those done later in the pregnancy”.

    Rebecca Haag, chief of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, defended the website in a statement issued to the Boston Herald.

    “We feel strongly that the issues that are addressed through the Maria Talks website are essential in safeguarding the general, sexual health of youth by informing them of their risk for unintended pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections”.

    And the Massachusetts Department of Health also released a statement defending the site:

    “The web site strives to provide accurate, complete, and non-judgmental information about all aspects of sexual health, including sex, abstinence, birth control, pregnancy, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections, sexual violence, and information for gay, lesbian, and questioning youth. The website is intended to be accessible to teens through the site’s narrator, 18-year old Maria, who provides accurate information in a youth-friendly way”.

  10. Gina says:

    Israeli minister says Bedouin birthrate a problem.,7340,L-4575659,00.html

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