Is it dangerous to shower with the heater turned on?

Is it dangerous to shower with the heater turned on?


I have met many people that told me to turn off the water heater when I take a shower, because if I don’t don’t, they say I that I could get electrocuted.

But if you ask these people to explain how this might happen, they look kind of blank and speechless like a deer that’s been caught by your headlights.

You ask them “Is it possible to spray electricity in water”, and they look pensive and sometimes attempt to explain how it might be done, but I’ve yet to hear a valid explanation, so I don’t think that it’s at all possible.

Can it happen, and if, “yes”, then how?


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5 Responses to Is it dangerous to shower with the heater turned on?

  1. yellowstone says:

    The thing is that it sounds real and you can just imagine some kind of short circuit somewhere, and because you’re standing in water and it’s pouring all over you.

    Boom, and lights out!

  2. jive-a** says:

    I can’t see how having the water heater switched on could be dangerous, but it is possible to get killed in the shower and even when using a corded phone during a thunderstorm.

    As for homes in the U.S., it’s been law since the 1950s that all plumbing be grounded, meaning that all metal piping that leads from the ground to your shower-head must be grounded so you can’t get any kind of shock.

    Almost every newer home now has PVC piping which doesn’t conduct electricity and the upside to getting electrocuted in the shower is that you’d most likely be clean when the paramedics arrived.

  3. Nina says:

    I was recently electrocuted when I got in the shower. The cause of my shock turned out to be a heating element with a short inside my water heater.

    I guess it goes to show that anything is a possibility.

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