What’s The Origen Of The Term OK ? It’s Opposite of K.O. ?

Almost every language has an O vowel, a K consonant, and an A vowel.

So OK is a very distinctive combination of very familiar elements.

And that’s one reason it’s so successful. It stands apart.

What is the origen of the term OK?

I'm OK - You're OK

Okay is more than likely the most commonly used word in the world so surely we most know where it came from.

There are dozens of explanations on the internet as to the possible origin of the term OK and although most sound feasible such as OK is KO spelled backwards and the Greek expression Ola Kala which translates as Everything’s Fine, I’m not sure that I’d go with any of them without knowing a little more.

Other Origins Of The Term OK

Maybe an abbreviation of orl korrect, humorous form of all correct, popularized as a slogan during President Van Buren’s re-election campaign of 1840 in the US.

Black slaves of West African origin, where it represents a word meaning ‘all right, yes indeed’ in various West African languages.

And then there’s the Choctaw word "okeh," which sounds like and means okay.

President Woodrow Wilson reportedly thought it was the "correct" spelling of the word, and would OK documents with "okeh."

From the Scots – ‘och aye’ (yes, indeed)

From Finnish, ‘oikea’ (correct, exact)

From Mandingo, ‘O ke’, (certainly)

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2 Responses to What’s The Origen Of The Term OK ? It’s Opposite of K.O. ?

  1. brightone69 says:

    In the Choctaw language, there is a word “okeh” which has the same meaning and pronunciation as in American usage and I’d find that explanation real easy to go with.

    Many of the frontiersmen of the early 19th Century, including eventual American Presidents Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison were familiar with the language and Woodrow Wilson used the okey spelling in order to emphasize the Native American origins of the word.

    * The Choctaws are an American Indian tribe that formerly inhabited Mississippi but now resides in Oklahoma.

  2. Hmm that’ right the word “OK” is universal and there are only one meaning with that word. Nice to know this kind of thing.

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