Why Do Many People Seek Sex With Younger Partners?

Is this really news or is it just hypocrisy?


We are bombarded on an almost daily basis with supposed exposés about rich and famous people that go out with, or get videoed with, much younger and very beautiful males and females.

It’s been happening since time immemorial!

You may have a great relationship with your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, but if they’re aging and you had the chance to enjoy tight young flesh, then might you not take that chance?

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7 Responses to Why Do Many People Seek Sex With Younger Partners?

  1. jive-a** says:

    Of course most men get turned on my young women!

    The chicks are in their prime and they have tight bodies and no sagging tits or asses.

    Every guy that has a wife or girlfriend would love his mate to have the body of an 18-20 year old, unless he’s so insecure that he’d be worried about other guys hitting or her.

    I can’t speak for women but a great many men would love to have sex with the cutie next door if they thought they could do it without their wife or girlfriend finding out.

  2. Gladys says:

    I’m aging and have to be honest about this.

    I’ve seen the changes in my body over the years and now when I see myself naked in the mirror I think, “Why would any man want that?”.

    I now have other things to offer a man that young girls/women don’t have, but I sure don’t have the body.

    Would I like a good looking young stud to have sex with me?

    Yes, and I had quite a few but they no longer find me attractive.

    Am I sad?


    I’ve learned to age gracefully and peacefully.

  3. eagerwatcher says:

    I was always attracted to older men but not because of sex, because that can be better or worse with a young guy or an old guy.

    In general, young guys lack goals, ambition and money, and they can be unbearably insecure.

    And the guys I’ve known under twenty five also tend to drink too much, do drugs, and they don’t know what they want from their lives.

    What’s more, when most men get into their late twenties and early thirties, they have grown past those things, and they’re out of the “party boy” phase.

    They mostly have their careers together, so they don’t need my money, because they make enough, and they’ve grown past some of the insecurities of their younger years, so they don’t demand all of my time or attention.

    And speaking just for myself, I like knowing that the man in my life has his life together and knowing that I can be planning things for my future, and he knows how he’ll factor in.

    With younger men it’s different because many of them don’t even know if they’ll be living in this country anymore by the time they out of college.

  4. donald-drake says:

    I was walking in a park the other day and reached a group of Russians sitting on a bench.

    I saw them almost every day and often petted one of their dogs.

    One of them asked me:

    Are you married?

    To which I answerd "No", "Divorced", " Why?".

    The guy replied,

    Would you like to meet a woman? She’s fat but is a nice person and has a pretty face".

    I asked him, "Are you trying to get rid of your wife?".

    They laughed and I moved on.

    Let’s be honest about this, young slim chicks are much more desirable than most older ones who are fat and often wear latex.

  5. big-believer says:

    I wouldn’t do it because of my religion, but I sure am tempted sometimes.

    Many young women dress in such a sexually provactive way today that it would be totally dishonest to say that they don’t excite.

    And many girls in their early teens now dress the same way and I can’t help noticing them!

    It is natural for women to have babies when they are young and nature (or God) makes them so sexually attractive for that very reason.

    In the greater scheme of things, what would be the purpose of a woman that no longer menstrates being as sexually attractive as women of child bearing age?

  6. Gina Robinson says:

    I’d say that most women want a loving, caring, mature, fatherly figure, and they also feel a need for security.

    They need a man who is not afraid to say how he feels, one that is ready to settle down; and depending on their ages and circumstances, perhap get married and raise a family.

    So many women obviously feel that to get this, that they must look for men who are older than themselves.

    There is a nice saying, “Men fall in love because of what they see, and women fall in love because of what they hear”.

  7. straight-talker says:

    Women are generally most attractive to men when they’re between 16-24.

    It’s just how we’re wired to be attracted women that appear to be fertile mates.

    Youthful appearance, firm supple breasts, .7 hip to waist ratio, long hair, clear skin, etc.

    Women in that age range espouse those characteristics the most, hence why men are naturally attracted to them the most on a pure visual basis, though most people are in denial about it.