Why Does The Sun Darken Skin But Lighten Hair?

Why does the sun darken my skin and lighten my hair?


Iā€™m no rocket scientist, but there are some things that I’d like to understand.

I love to lie in the sun, but have noticed when I do, that my skin gets darker (or burns) but my hair gets lighter?

Why is that?

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4 Responses to Why Does The Sun Darken Skin But Lighten Hair?

  1. big-thoughts says:

    How does the sun;

    Bleach wood,

    Decompose plastic,

    And lighten your hair?

    Sunlight does it by breaking down the molecular layers that absorb light and heat.

    Or simply put, our hair is not protected in the same way that our skin is.

    How does the sun darken skin?

    The skin darkens because tanning is a safety measure to keep the skin from from breaking down in the same way that our hair does.

    People who live in sunny locations often have darker skin than those who live in less sunny environments because of clouds, etc.

    People who live in hotter climates often have curlier hair and broader noses which is nature’s way of reducing heat.

  2. no-shmuck says:

    I’m not absolutely sure why hair goes blond in the sun but I’m pretty sure that the sun has a natural bleaching effect, and has to do with the melanin which is at the core of your hair strands.

    I can say however that a tan is a sign that your skin is damaged which is not good news šŸ™

    When the sun’s rays hit your skin, your skin produces extra melanin to protect itself and the more melanin you produce, the darker your skin gets.

    And the darker your skin gets, the more damaged it gets.

    If your skin is dark to start out with, then that doesn’t mean that it’s damaged of course, but simply means that you have more melanin to start with.

    If however you have dark skin and it gets darker then just be aware that you have damaged your skin and also raised your chances of getting skin cancer.

    I know that most of us like to have beautifully tanned bodies and I’m sorry to have been heavy, but even though sunlight makes us feel better, lying out it full sun is very bad news.

    Unless you want to look like a crocodile of course.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Hi, I totally love and agree with all your answers! Thank you so much for sharing this facts. šŸ™‚

  4. Aravella Suan says:

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